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Coffee Fundraiser - Hosted by Los Gatos and Reflections Beanery!
12 oz bags coffee $12 each,  CoffTea $15. 

 All proceeds benefit our rescue. By purchasing your coffee through our fundraiser, you are not only supporting our rescue, but also a small business!  

If you would like to pick up your purchase we will have them available February 26th, at our bowling event at B's Bowling.

Shipping is $6.95 for 1 bag, and a $1 for each additional bag.
I remember the first time I had that great taste of this awesome desert. I remember the first time I watched the crystallized sugar and under the sugar coat you have that incredible custard waiting. One of our top selling coffee's it has that great taste of this combination of sugar and custard. 

The aroma when you smell this from your coffee will take your sensors to a whole new level of desire for the coffee. We find that most of our customers tell us they never must use any sugar with this coffee. 

Many of our Veterans have asked us to create a coffee that can be as strong as the watch coffee. We created our American Classic a smooth blend of Arabica Coffee's that is strong enough to keep you awake but smooth enough that you will not want the cup to end. 

For every bag that is sold Reflection's Beanery is committed to send 10% of our net profits from this coffee to the great men and women that have served our country. We will be highlighting a Veteran organization every month so help us show our Military that we appreciate the freedoms that they protect daily for us when you buy the American Classic.

We take this coffee bean and we use Traverse City Cherry and Chocolate to make this incredible flavor. This is one of our most famous coffee's we serve it gives you both the strong taste of a cherry and the chocolate to bring that flavor that brings a smile to your face. Try the taste of a Michigan Cherry and you will be hooked, enjoy our summer time taste all year round. You have never had a great cherry until you have had a Traverse City Cherry.
After a long day at work or when you are facing that morning commute why not try an awesome quality roasted Chocolate Irish Cream Coffee. One of the best aspects of our After-Hours Coffee lines is that you can have your favorite taste of your favorite drinks in the morning or throughout the day. You can be the envy of your office as they are stuck with store bought coffee and you can be enjoying this favorite drink.
A combination of coffee and green tea. This drink that motivates. Good for Energy, Focus, Antioxidants. All Natural

Shipping 1 Bag $6.95​

Shipping 2 bags $7.95

Shipping 3 bags $8.95

Shipping 4 bags $9.95

Shipping 5 bags - $10.95